Flour Power

Food and Fuel Combined from Agriculture.

Flour Power is a system — a method in which oilseed crops are grown, harvested and converted to highly nutritious foods as well as carbon-neutral bio-fuel. The food from every harvest is milled into flour or meal. These products are high in protein, non-GMO and may contain trace amounts of gluten (these products are manufactured in a facility that also uses soy, wheat and sesame). The fuel produced is clean burning, non-toxic and renewable. Carbon credits are earned with its use in diesel motors and heating equipment.

Flour Power received the City of Toronto's Food Policy Council's Local Food Hero award in February, 2009.

Flour Power was presented at the Canadian Renewable Energy Workshop in Regina, Saskatchewan, March 2009.

Flour Power is recognized by Earth Day Canada. The Flour Power system is patent-pending.

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