Flour Power®

The best answer to some of the world’s biggest challenges are growing right in our own backyard.

From Oilseed Works Inc., a farm-based operation and member of Ecological Farmer’s Association of Ontario – Flour Power™ flours are now available. From each crop we harvest, HIGH PROTEIN delicious flours are milled, which may contain TRACES OF GLUTEN (it's manufactured in a facility that also uses soy, wheat and sesame). Oil is produced in the process and this oil is converted to bio-diesel and used by Flour Power farmers to operate tractors and other equipment to grow our crops. This bio-diesel is carbon-neutral, hence is very clean for our atmosphere. Carbon credits are earned with its use.

Use these flours in any recipe by substituting anywhere from 5 to 25 percent of the total flour in the recipe... sometimes as much as 50 percent. These flours are full of unique flavour. Use in muffins, cookies, breads, pastry, pizza, pasta... the list is endless. Enjoy! Flour Power™ is a patent-pending process.

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