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The HEMPOLA® brand is 18 years old in 2013. We've been defined as "industrial pioneers." In 1995, HEMPOLA was the first hemp food brand in Canada and in 1999 we invented hempseed flour for the baking industry. The same year, we introduced the world’s first Omega 3 salad dressings. In 2000 we developed HempWood™ Wood Finish, as well as HEMPOLA High Protein Pancake Mix. We even built a hemp straw bale octagon home – maybe the first of its kind in the world.

Biggest is not necessarily the best, and we are not the biggest hemp company... but we take great efforts to be the best: in quality, innovative new products, and attention to our farms and what they stand for. Discover how hemp is the perfect food. Discover the wonders of hemp. You can review some excellent information on hemp nutrition on the About Us page.

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