TORONTO, MAY 2 2012 – On May 1st Dimpflmeier Bakery was awarded The Sustainable Business Practice in Canada’s Food Industry 2012 Award (SBPCFI).

Since 2003, the bakery, that has national distribution, has utilized more than 100 metric tonnes of hempseed flour in its products. Hempseed flour is derived from locally grown, non GMO crops that are grown with sound ecological, agricultural methods. It is a renewable, sustainable food source and is deemed ‘highly important’ to the safety and sustainability of our overall food system. Hemp has also been recognized as a highly nutritious food.

Aside from environmental and health benefits, the bakery’s use of hempseed flour represents the diversion of 37 metric tonnes of carbon from the Earth’s atmosphere through the production of carbon-neutral bio-diesel, a by-product of the flour.

The award was presented to Susan Dimpflmeier, President of Dimpflmeier Bakery by Gregory Herriott of Oilseed Works. The award was sponsored by Oilseed Works Inc. ( Photos are available on request.


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