What is CBD oil?

Oil from the hemp plant, active ingredient cannabidiol. It is extracted from the seed of commercial hemp. It has almost nothing to do with the intoxicating hemp ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So you can’t get high from it, be on it or whatever. Instead, there are many testimonials that cannabidiol works against various disease symptoms, supposedly without significant side effects.

Is CBD Safe? How can I take It?Is it allowed in our country?

Yes, you can buy CBD products in drugstores, pharmacies, and especially on the Internet in concentrations with 2.5 to 25 percent active ingredient. Important: The oil may contain a maximum of 0.2 percent THC and maybe offer neither as medicine nor as a food. Criticism of the consumer center: “During controls, increased values (up to 10,000 times) of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) were found in more than 50 % of the CBD products. An advertising claim “THC-free” is misleading and thus prohibited.” All information about the effect, side effects, and safety of CBD products are currently based only on experience. Dr. Lilit Flöther, a senior physician at the pain outpatient clinic of the University Hospital Halle, comments: “We don’t know how CBD works. There are no scientifically reliable studies that prove anything. So we’re trying at the moment and have to wait for data from research.”

Anxiety, stress, sleep problems – what it helps with

What seems certain, however, is that CBD products can have pain-relieving anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving effects. They also seem to be suitable as an aid to falling asleep and, above all, sleeping through the night. “We know that we can have a positive effect on certain pain patients through the calming and analgesic effect of CBD, giving them a better quality of life,” says our expert.

How does CBD oil work?

Cannabinoids dock onto our body’s endocannabinoid system. This interferes with many metabolic and nervous system processes. Cannabinoids can positively influence these processes:

  • Inflammatory processes are slowed or stopped.
  • Tumor growth can be limited.
  • Neurological control processes can be calmed.

This means: CBD has many, partly still ultimately, unexplored possibilities to positively influence diseases.

Why you should only take it after consulting your doctor

Only a doctor familiar with the subject will be able to say approximately whether CBD works for you and in what dose. Only with him can you recognize possible side effects early and act accordingly. CBD products do not have the same impact on all people: Some do not react at all or only after two weeks of regular use, others already after a few drops. The dose needed to fall asleep or relieve pain depends on many factors; not all you can keep track of as a non-medical person. “We also know that CDB can enhance or weaken the effects of certain medications. That’s why you should be especially careful if you’re already taking medications for cardiovascular problems or if you have kidney disease,” Dr. Flöther warns.

That’s why you shouldn’t try it alone – The Tinnitus Paradox.

There are reports that CBD, with its calming effect, can help well with stress-related tinnitus. This is contrasted by other publications that claim to prove an intensification of ringing in the ears after CBD ingestion. The problem: Neither the causes nor the specific treatment of tinnitus has been sufficiently researched. This is contrasted with an active ingredient about which very little is known. Logical consequence: If at all, you should only try a treatment with CBD after consulting your doctor. 

Oil, capsule, or fluid – the best form of administration

CBD is available as oil in pipette bottles and as capsules. Since you have to be very precise with the dosage, tablets are the better choice since they always contain the same amount of active ingredient. However, they develop their effect a little later than the oil. The oil is simply dropped under the tongue and can quickly penetrate the oral mucosa before it is swallowed.

Where to buy the oil safely.

To ensure that the prescribed maximum content of 0.2 percent THC is not exceeded, you should only buy the oil from the pharmacy in the concentration prescribed by your doctor. Although your doctor has been allowed to prescribe cannabis products in exceptional cases since 2017, in practice, this is not done for CBD products but rather for substances that deliberately contain the intoxicating THC. Drugstores such as Rossmann have CBD oils on offer as of November 2020 but are only allowed to sell them as dietary supplements. The trick: Rossmann declares the oil as a flavoring agent that can be added to food or dripped onto a kind of smelling pad. Quite hocus-pocus to get rid of products.