CBD is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the question arises again and again whether hemp drops affect the driving ability. Is the driver’s license in danger due to CBD? We clarify!

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the medical applications of CBD. 2 medications containing CBD are currently approved in the EU.

Hemp Buds for CBDAccording to WHO (World Health Organization), CBD is not addictive and not harmful to health.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a legal ingredient from the hemp plant (cannabis). Neither perception nor consciousness is influenced by it. Therefore, it is not subject to the Narcotic Drugs Act in Austria and Germany and is legal. However, hemp products are a thorn in the side of the pharmaceutical lobby. On the one hand, a plant cannot be patented. On the other hand, CBD means competition for the conventional drugs of the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, for many users of hemp drops, it is also incomprehensible why the government practices its drug policy under the guise of traffic or food safety.

Many people think quite rightly: CBD products must get out of the “dirty corner.”
Numerous studies confirming the favorable health properties have also contributed to this view. Fortunately, a rethinking on the subject of hemp can be observed in public.

Am I still allowed to drive after taking CBD?
The answer to this in Austria and Germany is clearly: “YES”!

Do not confuse CBD with THC!
CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are both extracted from the hemp plant. However, both ingredients have entirely different effects on the body.

CBD does not make you “high” and does not lead to intoxication. Therefore, hemp drops in this regard do not affect the ability to drive and are legal. The driver’s license is not in danger after taking cannabidiol.
In contrast, THC actually alters perception and consciousness. Therefore, the ban on driving under the influence of THC exists quite rightly.
Thus, drug tests may very well test for THC, but not for CBD.

Are traces of THC a problem?

The legal limit for THC in CBD products is 0.2% THC in Germany and 0.3% THC in Austria. All products with more THC fall under the Narcotic Drugs Act.

If you eat grandma’s poppy seed cake but hemp seed oil on your salad or take CBD, you will certainly not lose your ability to drive.

Thus, the driver’s license is not in danger.

Problems with the police because of CBD
Correct behavior during a traffic control
As previously mentioned, hemp drops do not affect driving ability and are legal. However, to save yourself from inconveniences, the topic of hemp or cannabidiol should not be actively brought up during a police check. Many officers are not sufficiently informed and automatically think of CBD as a drug or a drug test. Otherwise, the probability of having to take a drug test during a normal traffic control is rather low.

Don’t worry if you do get tested for drugs.
A drug test does not test for CBD but for THC. When taking legal full-spectrum CBD oils, the THC content is so low that no drug test will sound the alarm. But if you are still afraid of this, you can use hemp drops with CBD isolates (without THC).