For many growers and especially newcomers, the topic of pruning cannabis can be controversial at best. But why prune cannabis plants in the first place? Pruning can be used to influence the growth or habit of the cannabis plant and thus increase yields. But pruning also carries risks if done incorrectly.

However, pruning has several benefits that go beyond increasing yield. There are also other plant training methods you can try. The trick here is to find the right method and implement it correctly.

In this article, we will explain the different pruning methods and also other methods to train your cannabis plant. Read on to find out if pruning your cannabis plant and also which method is right for you.

Increase yield with methods of pruning

Want to know the easiest way to increase cannabis plant yield?
By pruning!

Gardeners of all kinds prune their plants to influence and direct the growth structure and keep the plants tidy. For many, pruning is a way to keep plants under control so that a plant’s growth doesn’t get out of hand, and thus is the only way to deal with it for many. In addition, if pruning is done properly, the risk of causing damage to the rest of the plant is low, making the procedure relatively harmless.

However, pruning offers other benefits as well:

For some plants, such as cannabis and tomatoes, pruning can also result in higher yields.

Pruning keeps plants small while optimizing growth so that the places where flowers develop get the most light. This is especially useful for places where you need to keep the grow hidden. Pruning helps a grower achieve higher yields with fewer plants, making it proportionately as much as others with more plants.

If you do pruning right, you can further increase the value of your plants.

Pruning is a step beyond the basics of cannabis cultivation. However, it is not for beginners. Here’s why:

You need to consider and plan the process in advance. Pruning cannabis plants can be tricky, and you can cause harm to your plants by doing so. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, don’t prune your plants.

Remember, you don’t have to prune.

Some experienced growers never prune their plants. They prefer to let nature do its thing. This is not such a bad idea, as pruning also has its risks. However, controlled, moderate pruning can be extremely beneficial. If done properly, it can give you the healthiest and best growing plants with the highest cannabinoid production.

The basics of pruning

Pruning cannabis is, by definition, simply cutting off parts of the plant. If the grower can remove certain parts of the plant in small amounts, the result is a stronger plant.

In some ways, pruning is similar to grooming.

A certain number of leaves die during the life cycle of a cannabis plant. Removing them quickly could keep your plant from spending valuable resources and energy on dying plant parts. This is because these leaves do not die quickly.

So if you cut them off at the right time, you may save your plants weeks of extra energy and nutrients they would otherwise have to expend on them.

Removing already dead or dying plant parts (e.g., discolored leaves) is like removing dead tissue from a human wound. This also results in more sunlight for the smaller leaves that grow closer to the base of the plant.